Sam Milazzo collection

Introducing Sam Milazzo: An Artist and True Conch

With an impressive background spanning over 20 years as a professional fisherman, charter boat captain, and artist, Sam Milazzo embodies the essence of a true "Conch." Hailing from Marathon, Florida, Sam's deep-rooted connection to the Florida Keys and its vibrant fishing spots shaped his journey. His artistry is a reflection of his unwavering passion for fishing and the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

Every piece of artwork Sam creates is infused with the same precision, dedication, and focus that have made him one of the Keys' most esteemed captains. Born into a lineage of talented artists and craftsmen, Sam's inherent talent shines through in his work. His preferred medium is graphite, where he discovers solace in meticulously shading, blending, and texturing his drawings to perfection.

With remarkable precision, Sam captures the imaginations of viewers through stunning recreations of wildlife. His art serves as a window into the magnificent world beneath the waves, showcasing the intricacies and vibrant life found within. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Sam finds joy in sharing his passion for fishing and art with his son, Hunter, creating a beautiful legacy of creativity and appreciation for nature.

We are honored to collaborate with Sam Milazzo, a born and raised local fisherman and artist, to bring you his truly unique style of artwork. Explore our collection and immerse yourself in the captivating world that Sam so beautifully captures through his art.