Roberto "Pasta" Pantaleo

The renowned artist behind one of our collections at Keys Deep, brings a rich Italian-American heritage and a deep connection to the sea into his captivating designs. Born in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, Pasta earned his nickname from his brother's playful moniker "Pasta Fazul." Seeking a brighter life, he moved with his family to South Florida in 1970, where the vibrant coastal lifestyle fueled his passion for art. During his teenage years, Pasta honed his skills customizing vehicles, eventually becoming a sought-after airbrush artist in the Miami Vice era. His career took a pivotal turn in 2001 when Jamie Bunn commissioned him to create artwork for a fishing tournament series. The resulting piece, “Everybody is Gonna Be There,” catapulted him into the spotlight of the marine art world. Now, Pasta’s detailed and dynamic marine-themed designs continue to captivate audiences, reflecting his lifelong love for the ocean and his mastery of airbrush techniques.