Mahi and Sword | Light Grey | Performance Short Sleeve


Introducing Keys Deep Apparel's Light Grey Mahi and Sword Performance Short Sleeve Shirt, a testament to both style and functionality for outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted with a UPF 40+ rating, this shirt ensures superior sun protection, making it an essential companion for any outdoor adventure.

Designed for comfort and performance, the shirt features a classic fit that allows freedom of movement, ideal for fishing, or simply enjoying the outdoors. The front proudly displays the KD emblem, a symbol of quality and innovation in outdoor apparel, positioned over the heart.

On the back, the striking Mahi and Sword logo commands attention with its bold design, reflecting the thrill of sport fishing and the beauty of marine life. The light grey color complements any outdoor setting, blending seamlessly with your gear and surroundings.

Whether you're casting lines offshore, exploring coastal trails, or relaxing by the water's edge, the Keys Deep Apparel Light Grey Mahi and Sword Performance Shirt combines practicality with a touch of adventure. Embrace your passion for the outdoors with a garment that offers reliability, sun protection, and distinctive style.